Where are You Now?  Where Would You Like to Be?

  • Do you feel something missing in your life or your organization?
  • Are things not exactly what you would like them to be?   
  • Are you ready to go to the next level but don’t know which direction to take?
  • Do you want a partner to help you to move forward in another direction or take what you are doing currently to the next level?
  • Would you like to use all the talents, skills and abilities to work smarter, not harder?


Is this where you are?

  • You are already successful in what you currently do, but you would like to be “significant”.
  • You’re pleased with the level you’ve already achieved in your work but you would like to make a bigger impact in your community or the world.
  • You know there’s more, something missing – something vital, something important and you would like to pursue what that is and turn those thoughts into reality.  
  • You know you have a purpose – you feel it and want to achieve it. But have no idea how to find it.


Here is your answer:

I am your InsideOut Professional Coach and I can take you or your organization where you desire to be.

We work from the inside out. We identify your purpose, passion or niche and help you build a plan to get there.  We help you remove those things in your life or background that hinders your ability to move forward, get very clear about what your dream/vision should be like and together we design well-planned concrete steps to get you there.

Our coaching sessions are designed for you and are inner directed. We go where you are directed to go based upon your purpose and passion.  We discover what is important and relevant to you that will create a future based upon insight, direction, joy and fulfillment for you.

If you are ready to find a more meaningful way to use your unique talents and gifts that ignites and excites you, then our InsideOut Coaching Solutions will help you make the most of who you are and what you want to deliver to the world.

In my three-month InsideOut Coaching Solutions Program we:  

  • Identify and deal with “show stoppers” from your past and replace them with ”positives” you want to adopt designed to propel you into your future.  
  • Awaken your Inner Purpose to reach deep within to find those golden nuggets that are awaiting activation to move you from the now into your dream destination filled with success and significance.  
  • Create a Dynamic Action Plan with your Next Steps to lead you to the purposeful life or organization you have longed for.  


If you are an individual or organization who wants to invest in your life, your organization and in the lives of others using your unique talents and skills, then call me today to see how we might partner together to activate your dreams. 


Executive Leadership, Management and Supervisory programs are designed for the individual, organization and team needs.  Each are designed to deliver measurable results within 30 days of starting the process. 

We use games and activities designed to engage the hearts and minds of peole at every level.   Our SmartGames were designed to facilitate interaction and team development while having fun. 

We design training for “you” faster and with Excellence.  No two training programs are alike.  We have proven processes that eliminate waste and minimize costs while adding value.  Join us for applied learning that makes you laugh and engages your talents and skills.


When you hire a motivational speaker, your audience leave excited, motivated, educated and full of ideas that can easily be implemented. Only a motivational speaker like Dr. Virginia Moody can ignite and excite people to go beyond what is normal to the extraordinary.

Virginia Moody’s original keynotes are customized to meet your organization’s goals.  She appeals to a wide variety of audiences and delivers serious, results-oriented information with passion that moves attendees into action. 

As a keynote speaker, coach, author and professional entertainer, Virginia has worked with some of the world’s most effective leaders. She has a background in government, people development, change management, and diversity and inclusion. 

Keynote Speaker Topics

Change Management, Customer Service, Leadership, Educators and Administrators, Team Building, Healthcare/Medical, Success, Diversity/Inclusion, Generationals, Success and Significance, Executive / Administrative Assistants, and Ethics